Iñaki Williams takes a pop at Barcelona's complaining

Inaki Williams, Athletic Bilbao forward, has hit out at FC Barcelona. Speaking to Radio Marca, Inaki - who is a doubt for the cup clash because of illness - ruled out the idea that there was any biased refereeing that harmed Barcelona.

Albert Roche

"If I, as a player could miss a one on one, how is a referee not going to make mistakes? I think that we should not look at the referee, the ref does the best he can and sometimes the coin drops on your side and sometimes the other.

"Barcelona players should be the last to complain because they are a big team and in the end there is always favouritism. I hope the referee is not affected by anything and I am sure that the referee will try and whistle as well as possible, like they always try, and be as accurate as possible."



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