Gerard Pique's plans for the future after he leaves Barcelona... president in 2027?

It would be difficult to find a more versatile player in Barcelona’s squad than Gerard Pique: above all, off the football pitch. Pique doesn’t just have how own video game company, Kerad Games, but he also participates in various other companies (Kypers glasses, Natrus foods, 426 Miles energy drinks etc) and has a clear idea that when he leaves the game, he will continue in charge of his companies without losing view of his main objective, which is to be Barcelona’s president. 

J. Giraldo

For that, Pique has already been looking over the club’s statutes, focusing on the details he has to keep in mind. It says in Article 42 of the statutes that to become president, you must not have been employed by the club in the last two years. 

Concretely, “not to have been linked to FC Barcelona as a player, manager, coach or employee during the two years before the elections,” according to the statutes. It’s something Pique will have to consider when he plans his future. 

Another detail that Pique has already analysed is that he will only sign one more contract with Barça. His current deal runs until 2019 and his intention is to renew when the club invite him to do so, probably for four or five seasons (from the date it’s signed).

And that could be the last he signs as a professional, according to comments he’s made to those closest to him. While he’s recently suggested he could play in the USA or Colombia, he’s never previously intended to end his career in a lesser league, but preferred to focus on handing his boots up at the highest level before focusing on the presidency. Now he knows he must spend two years away before going for that role.

The next Barcelona elections for the presidency will be in 2021: too soon for Pique, who will still be playing in all likelihood. In 2027, though, Pique could run to become the Blaugrana president. 


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