Frenkie de Jong: My career will not be a sightseeing tour or Europe

The midfielder is tired of all the speculation surrounding his future

A De Jong lo quiere media Europa por cosas así | Perform

The future of Ajax midfielder Frenkie de Jong is a concern for Europe's biggest clubs. The player is wanted by FC Barcelona, PSG and Manchester City.

De Jong, speaking to FOX Sports, was asked about Barça's interest and then about the rumours he will not be moving to Camp Nou with PSG reported to be his preferred option. 

"You have to wait," said De Jong, adding that "I will not take my career a sightseeing trip of Europe," before making it clear that he's tired of the stories in the press. 

However, he recognised that Barça "is a really good club, one of the biggest in the world, with a great history," but he didn't speak about their style, even though he noted that many Dutch players have left their mark there. 

It's been speculated a decision could be coming in the coming days, although he left doubts in that regard: "I don't know if I am going to say where I will play next season... keeping it a secret will be difficult." 

What's clear is that he doesn't want it to drag out. "I would like everything to finish now. But what I will not do is rush." 

In this sense, there's nothing definitive but there could be in the coming weeks. De Jong seems ready to wait until the last minute to make a decision which the football world is waiting for. 


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