Exclusive: Tense meeting between Barcelona players and staff as errors discussed

After matches Luis Ernique usually calls a meeting with his players to analyse the game in question, look for errors and possible things to improve in the coming games. This Wednesday was no exception and he met up with the staff first to analyse what happened against PSG.

Javier Miguel

However this meeting was different from the others. And not because of the time it took, which was a longer than usual 25 minutes, but for the content, which laid bare the tension there is in the dressing room.

The heavyweights did not stop talking and discussing the disaster at Parc des Princes. It is usually the coaches who speak loudest in these meetings but the players are also allowed to express their opinions. 

This meeting was especially tense. The way they came out of it made it clear that it was also cathartic. Long faces, few words and seriousness were the common denominator for the group in training, who want to get rid of the Paris game from their hard disk. 



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