Exclusive: Marc-Andre ter Stegen's best 'save'

The German goalkeeper moved quickly to intervene between Luis Enrique and Lionel Messi

Ter Stegen calmed Messi down as he rowed with the coach

Ter Stegen le echó un cable a Messi para evitar males mayores
Ter Stegen le echó un cable a Messi para evitar males mayores | EFE

Marc André Ter Stegen has become one of Barcelona's key pillars. His security has helped the team keep 10 clean sheets in 14 games. Some say his best saves for the club were back in 2015 when he made a spectacular double save from Robert Lewandowski in the Champions League semi-final.

Javier Miguel

But perhaps his finest save was in the dressing room on January 2, 2015. That day the training session took place in the afternoon and Lionel Messi and coach Luis Enrique started rowing after Messi was fouled and the coach ignored it. The German's rapid intervention stopped the situation and calmed down Messi, whose anger with Luis Enrique is still recalled in the dressing room. 

At just 22 years old and little more than six months after joining Barcelona, the German goalkeeper showed his personality and gained the respect of the squad.



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