Espanyol claim Suarez aimed racist insults at Papakouli Diop

In Espanyol's dressing room there is indignation over Luis Suarez's role in events during the Catalan derby.

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Various players say the trouble started with serious insults from the Uruguayan aimed towrads goalkeeper Pau Lopez. After Messi put Barcelona 2-1 ahead, Espanyol players say Suarez celebrated in the goalkeeper's face. In the second half he provoked the goalkeeper again after Barcelona's goals. 

Meanwhile, in the riff-raff with Papakouli Diop, Espanyol say there were insults from both sides and Suarez used some racist slurs. Diop hit back and ended up being sent off.

At the end of the game three Barcelona players waited in the tunnel to confront Espanyol players. According to sources from the Espanyol dressing room, these three were Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Javier Mascherano. There were insults and some intent of aggression. The sources assure that the refereeing delegate has seen more than what referee Martinez Munuera put in his report from the game.


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