Denis Suarez reveals the secrets of the Barça dressing room to SPORT


The midfielder speaks about life during his first year with the first team

"Ter Stegen spends a lot of time in front of the mirror," Denis revealed

Denis Suárez habló de su relación con el tridente, especialmente con Luis Suárez | Joan Monfort

Denis Suarez spoke to SPORT about life behind the doors of the Barcelona dressing room...

Jordi Gil


What was the best moment of the season? 

The final, the Copa del Rey. 

Which team-mate suprised you the most? 

All of them, but perhaps I'd like to highlight Leo [Messi]. From outside he can seem like an almost unreachable person, but in the dressing room he's just one of the team. He's a f-----g great guy. 

The welcome from the MSN trident surprised you? 

The welcomed me from the first day and I have a great relationship with the three of them, although I get on best with Luis. I'm next to him in the dressing room and he's always supported me, 

A fun moment? 

There have been many throughout the year. The good thing with the dressing room is we have a good laugh on trips and in the hotels. We have a little group that play Mario Kart -- there's me, Busi, Sergi Roberto, Masip, Pique and Paco Alcacer. 

Whos' the winner when you play? 

Well, nearly everytime it's Paco! 

Which stadium had the biggest impact on you? 

Juventus' was spectacular before the game. 

What's you favourite song in the dressing room?

There are a lot... Busi is the man that puts them on and there are a lot from Uruguay and Argentina. I don't have any preferences, I like them all. 

Are you the player who looks after his hair the most? 

There are people that make an even bigger effort... Marc-Andre ter Stegen spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. 

The three best dressed players at the club? 

I will keep that to myself, so nobody gets angry! 

Which joke about you has made you laugh the most? 

It made me laugh when we all had to choose emojis for each other. A lot of people chose either the painting fingernails or angel emojis for me.

The most celebrated goal? 

Leo's at the Bernabeu and the first one I scored against Real Sociedad. 

Finish the phrase: next season will be...

Incredible and I hope we win all three trophies. 


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