De Jong's decision: pros and cons for Barça and PSG transfers

Barcelona will not give up on the Ajax midfielder despite reports he will move elsewhere

El deseado Frenkie de Jong anota de nuevo un gol made in Ajax | Perform

Frenkie de Jong is weighing up one of the biggest decisions of his football career. The Ajax midfielder will move clubs in the summer, but the question is where: Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain? That's the 21-year-old's dilemma.

In Holland, there are reports that an agreement is close between De Jong, PSG and Ajax for a deal worth 75 million euros. It was said a few days earlier that the midfielder was leaning towards PSG, which forced Barça to react and improve their offer. With all the cards now on the table, the decision is De Jong's... 

Why go to PSG?

  1. The financial side of things clearly favours the French side, who can offer him a better salary.
  2. At the moment, PSG are offering more money to Ajax. The Ligue 1 side will pay 75 million euros, an amount Barça won't go to in fixed payments. For the player, it's also something to keep in mind as a sign of the club's faith in his potential to grow even more.
  3. The youth of the project. Neymar and Mbappe are leading a young generation and De Jong would become one of them in a project with many years and many titles ahead of it.
  4. Guaranteed to start. Surely the most important factor. PSG don't have a pivote and De Jong would fit straight into their side as a key player.

Why go to Barça?

  1. Barça's style mirrors the Dutch school of football. De Jong knows that he would fit straight in at Barça. Ex-players for the club include Dutch coach Ronald Koeman and Ajax director of football Marc Overmars. There's a rich history of Dutch players at Camp Nou.
  2. Play with Messi. The Argentine, surely the best player in history, still has years in him, and is a player any professional would love to play with.
  3. Fight for titles. PSG keep coming up short when it matters in the Champions League. Barça are more familiar with going far in Europe, although they've also struggled recently. But playing at Camp Nou does give De Jong a bigger chance of success at the top level.
  4. The city of Barcelona is loved by all -- and if not, ask Neymar. From the cold of Paris to the Barcelona sun. And that counts when starting a life in a new country.
  5. If in the short-term he may not play as much as he wants, Rakitic and Busquets are in the final years of their career, so in little to no time he will be the leader of the midfield.

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