COPE: Dembele asked for Lionel Messi's shirt

It was in the Camp Nou dressing room

Messi is used to giving his shirts to opponents but this is different

Dembélé, abrazado a Messi
Dembélé, abrazado a Messi | sport

According to Miguel Rico on COPE Ousmane Dembele asked Lionel Messi for his shirt once the game against Juventus was over.

Messi usually gives it to opponents who want the famous No 10 strip but this time things were different.

According to this information, the French player wanted it as a memory of his first start for Barcelona after his debut on Saturday. 

Dembele is an admirer of Messi and has always highlighted his determination to learn from the Argentine. Tuesday night was an excellent lecture, with the forward striking twice.


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