Confidencial SPORT: Neymar's relationship with Barca's top stars

His attitude at the club was good, apart from in the final year

He was close with Messi, Suarez and Pique but did things stay that way?

Neymar, a diferencia de Mathieu, sí tiene amigos en el FC Barcelona
Neymar, a diferencia de Mathieu, sí tiene amigos en el FC Barcelona | sport

The public debate in Paris after Neymar Jr's riff-raff with Edinson Cavani has opened speculation about what kind of relationship the Brazilian has with the heavy weights in the ressing room.

Javier Miguel

The truth is that at Barcelona Neymar was an exemplary player in all senses. His behaviour was always respectful and he never created tension or controversy within the camp. He adapted perfectly, thanks to Dani Alves, and from the first day obeyed the hierarchy, which saw him below Leo Messi - with whom he had a great relationship, as with Luis Suarez. 

However in his final year at Barcelona Neymar was the protatonist in an episode which ended up distorting his behaviour since. He was at odds with then assistant coach Juan Carlos Unzue, who criticsed his attitude. 

Another hint that his relationship with the top players faded somewhat was the 'semi-goodbye' party he had in New York during the club's American tour. It was the day Pique took the famous "he stays" photo - but the captains of the team did not attend. 


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