Chelsea forward Hazard: There is only one goat, Leo Messi

The Real Madrid target is a big fan of the Barcelona forward

Hazard siente una gran admiración por Messi
Hazard siente una gran admiración por Messi | Valentí Enrich

Chelsea star Eden Hazard, who many say will move to Real Madrid, has confessed his admiration for FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi. Hazard had no problem recognising that Messi is the best player in history, ahead of Cristiano Ronalo.

Hazard responded to a question asking him who the GOAT is (Greatest of all time): "There are not two GOATS. There is only one GOAT: Leo Messi." 

In the same interview, Hazard said that his "two games against Barcelona [in last season's Champions League] were not my best memories of 2018. However, I was happy to face Barça and Messi, but it didn't go as I hoped. I was disappointed in the end." 

In the interview with Belgian outlet HLN, the forward added that "my three kids were at the game at Stamford Bridge. The eldest is a big fan of Messi, but we're all fans of Messi at the moment. He wanted to see Messi in that game, because he's a special player." 

As for Neymar, Hazard said that "the pressure on him has been huge. Everyone wanted him to be the best player at the World Cup when Messi and Ronaldo were knocked out. I know how he suffered when we [Belgium] knocked [Brazil] out, that's why I consoled him." 


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