Carles Rexach blasts Lionel Messi, Luis Enrique, Gerard Deulofeu and Johan Cruyff

Carles Rexach has criticised Lionel Messi, Luis Enrique and revealed Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova had an offer on the table from Manchester United in an interview with Catalan newspaper 'Regio 7'.

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The interview took place last year, but the quotes have only now surfaced. 

Freedom of expression should always be respected, but when you carry a certain importance at a club like Barcelona, you need to be a little more careful with your words. 

You can't criticise everyone -- especially not those connected with your own football club. But that is what Rexach, adviser to Josep Maria Bartomeu and a member of the Barça's technical committee, has done.

Others, for much less, have been thrown out of the club. We will see if Rexach, at least, is given a warning.

Nobody was safe in the former Barça players rant. He went for everyone and anyone. Including Messi, who he was more than happy to speak about. 

"I think that last season he ate more pizzas than he should have done or was necessary," Rexach said about Barcelona's No.10. 

And Luis Enrique? "He has started with too many rules. Whoever doesn't train doesn't play. Let's see what happens when Messi doesn't train and you need him."

And Barça's youngsters? "Deulofeu is good, but maybe he believes it a little too much."

We could continue. There is a lot more. On Victor Valdes' departure he said: "He left Barça without things all being order, like with Guardiola in 2001." 

And speaking of Pep, what did Rexach think of the fallout between Guardiola and Tito Vilanova? "At first it seemed that Pep had accepted [Tito's decision to coach Barça], but the people started filling his head with things. 

"On top of that, they also had an offer to coach the together in Manchester after the sabbatical."

Still, there's more. On Sergi Roberto: "He plays, but you don't notice him. It's like he doesn't want to get stuck in. And now the same has started to happen with Rakitic."

Finally, he finished with Johan Cruyff: "The problem with Johan starts with himself."


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