Careful Barça: The astronomical figure PSG have for signings this summer

The French club are no longer under financial restrictions and can spend big

They have moved for Neymar in the past and may go back for him this summer

Nasser al Khelaifi, presidente del PSG
Nasser al Khelaifi, presidente del PSG | sport

Fairplay is now just a bad memory for PSG. After three seasons being watched by UEFA with a magnifying glass, they are now able to move more freely in the transfer market. During this period, the club had to adhere to certain financial restrictions which worked in relation to their income and their spending in the last two seasons (approximately 60 million euros). 

Now, PSG are once again back in control and can act with total freedom this summer if they want. And if they want to and Qatar accedes to their pretensions, they could beat a number of records in the transfer market this summer. They won't be able to get exactly who they want but they now have much more room to move in. 


What's more, any sales the make from July 1 onwards will help them even more when it comes to making signings this summer. At the same time, it must be taken into account that purchases are not accounted for completely because the amortization is taken into account, the result of dividing the cost of the transfer by the contract years plus the salary.

In total, and according to information from Le Parisien, if PSG sells players this summer to the a value of around 30 million euros (a target they consider realistic), the club would be able to spend between 150 and 200 million euros. 


In this context, Neymar is once again an option. The player has been wanted by the Ligue 1 club for sometime and they approached him last summer, it was confirmed. Given the tense relationship with PSG, Barcelona can prepare for a new onslaught.

It is necessary to remember, too, that Barcelona have their eye on two players who are at PSG: Marco Verratti and Marquinhos.


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