Cadena SER: TAD re-open the 'Chumi case' but Barça needn't worry

Levante are after damages due to their Copa del Rey exit but any decision won't see Barça removed from the competition

 Valverde tiene claro que el Barça ha actuado correctamente en el caso Chumi | Perform

The Tribunal Administrativo del Deporte (TAD) - Administrative Tribunal of Sport in English - have received the appeal by Levante. The Valencia-based side tried to claim FC Barcelona fielded an ineligable player against them - Chumi - and as such should have advanced to the semi-finals and played against Real Madrid.

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However this latest appeal isn't for Levante to be reinstated into the competition but rather so they can receive financial compensation for the error. According to the appeal process, they are willing to investigate whether Chumi was ineligable and as such shouldn't have appeared in the match. However due to Levante lodging their appeal late, Barcelona were allowed to continue in the competition and are now in the final against Valencia.

According to Cadena SER, Levante will consider whether to ask for financial compensation due to the alleged infraction.


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