Bartomeu responds to people who are undervaluing Barça's LaLiga win

Josep María Bartomeu, Barcelona's president, hails the league victory as "extraordinary" achievement

Bartomeu, en su parlamento ante el Senado
Bartomeu, en su parlamento ante el Senado | FCB

FC Barcelona president Josep María Bartomeu has given this thoughts on the team's achievements this season. In his speech to the oldest season ticket holders and club members, Bartomeu defended the job done by the side in LaLiga despite some downplaying the significant of it.

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"We've won LaLiga again by a superior margin: three games before the end of the season, 11 points ahead of second place and 19 ahead of third. Winning the league is an extraordinary achievement. Let them say what they want as they try to undervalue that," insisted Bartomeu.

"A large part of the fan base feel dissatisfied because we've become so used to winning. We had a lot of faith in winning the Champions League and the defeat at Anfield came after an excellent result at home and when the memory of Roma was still fresh," added the president.

"I want to state again how proud I feel of this team and to serve this club. We have to be proud of our Barça: what we're achieving on the pitch, how we do that and what we show off it."


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