Barcelona will ask Andres Iniesta to continue instead of China move

From Josep Bartomeu to Ernesto Valverde they will try and convince him

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Andres Iniesta's future is the matter on the table and a priority for Barcelona to resolve during the international break. The player could cut his contract with the club on April 30, according to a clause in his 'lifetime' deal. 

Albert Masnou


President Josep Maria Bartomeu is the first to know that Iniesta should stay at the club. The huge offer received from Chinese football of course deserved reflection from the player, but at the club they want to make it clear that he's still vital for next season.


Bartomeu has always liked being close to the player. Before sealing the previous deal he went to the home of the captain to warm up their relationship. On this occasion he wants to act the same way. Meanwhile Valverde is even more worried about Iniesta's departure, considering the captain irreplacable.

Barcelona have prepared for his eventual departure with the signings of Coutinho and Arthur, but Iniesta is Barca's essence. Those are young players, with great talent and potential, but they have to bed in to the philosophy of the club.


For now, Iniestah has received no direct message from the club and will mull over his decision. He feels very grateful for how Barcelonismo has treated him. He liked the intense cheers for him at Camp Nou against Athletic. He feels loved by Cules and the emotional factor has its weight. That said it's a decision based on various factors and the role of the club will be key. 


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