Barcelona make best January start since Pep Guardiola in 2009

Luis Enrique's Barcelona has finished an incredibly demanding January with nearly perfect statistics. Just the draw at Cornella El Prat in the first game of the year has held them back in 2016.

Esther Blasco

The Asturian coach's side have beaten their start to 2015 (8 wins and 1 defeat - that infamous Anoeta night). 

In 2016, Barcelona have eight wins (four in the league, four in the cup) and one draw. You have to go back to 2009, with Pep Guardiola in charge, to get equal stats. 

The Pep Team started the year with five wins from five in La Liga, three wins and a draw in the cup - following their Club World Cup victory in Yokohama, completing the sextuple. 

Recent starts to La Liga by Barcelona

2009 Liga: 5W/ Copa: 3W 1D Total: 8W 1D 
2010 Liga: 4W 1D/ Copa: 1W 1L* Total: 5W 1D 1L
2011 Liga: 5W/ Copa: 2W 1D 1L Total: 7W 1D 1L
2012 Liga: 2W 2D/ Copa: 2W 2D Total: 4W 4D
2013 Liga: 3W 1D 1L/ Copa: 3W 1 PE Total: 6W 2D 1L
2014 Liga: 2W 2D 1L/ Copa: 4W Total: 6W 2D 1L
2015 Liga: 4W 1L/ Copa: 4W Total: 8W 1L
2016 Liga: 4W 1D/ Copa: 4W Total: 8W 1D

*Cup elimination


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