Barcelona comment on the Ronaldinho issue after his Bolsonaro support

The club say the racist, sexist candidate for Brazilian election does not fit their values

¿Debe romper el Barça con Ronaldinho? | Maite Jiménez

Barcelona spokesman Josep Vives has spoken about the Ronaldinho issue, although he says the club have not made a decision about the Brazilian, an ambassador for them.

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Ronaldinho has expressed his support for far-right, racist, misogynist and homophobic Brazilian election candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

“Our democratic values do not coincide with what we have heard from this candidate,” said Vives. “We do respect the freedom of expression including the words of Ronaldinho.”

The former Barcelona player published a message on social media asking fans to vote for Bolsonaro, “for a better Brazil”.

Vives added: “We have not taken a decision on (whether Ronaldinho stays in his role or not). We will see further down the line.”


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