Barcelona coach Valverde: Pique's opinion should be respected

The coach was asked a lot about Pique's tweet and the referendum

On Sunday, Barça play Las Palmas in La Liga at Camp Nou

Piqué y Valverde, en una imagen de archivo
Piqué y Valverde, en una imagen de archivo | Ignasi Paredes

Ernesto Valverde has to face, as expected, various questions on the political situation in Catalonia with the referendum on independence set to take place on Sunday.

The coach was also asked about Gerard Pique's tweet after the Barcelona defender positioned himself in favour of Sunday's vote, which the Spanish government say is illegal, although he didn't reveal his position on independence. 

Referendum: "The club released a statement on this. What we hope tomorrow is that we win the game [against Las Palmas on Sunday] and for the game to be played in a calm atmopshere. We really hope there's a special atmosphere, people focus on the football and that there's calm and respect between everyone." 

Pique's tweet: "I try not to get involved in social media. But Pique's not first sports person to make a comment on such matters. Pique's opinion should be respected, as everyone's should be." 

Different atmosphere due to referendum: "No, honestly, I don't think so. I don't think the atmosphere will be different on the pitch. In the stands, fans come to support team; hope they win. I don't expect anything different to previous occasions. All I worry about is winning the game."

Political situation: "We try to stay outside the referendum and focus on our job. Everyone has their opinion about it. I'm sure everyone at the club does, as does everyone in Catalonia, but we get on with our job, like everyone else."  

Pique and people wanting him to leave the national team: "On social media, it's an open shop to say what you want, so I wouldn't say anything (to those who say Pique should leave the Spanish team)." 


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