Barcelona change their club badge to a more modern version

The club have picked this as their new design, without the FCB acronym

El FC Barcelona ha presentado su nuevo escudo. Así es el nuevo emblema del Barça | ZML

Barcelona have changed the design of their club badge. They have modernised it. It had not been changed since 2002, and the club believe that “the context, the society and the technology have changed enormously, and the identifying signs should evolve too.”

Ivan San Antonio


The club presented the new design as being “an evolution faithful to the historic elements, the city, Barcelona, the country, Catalonia, the club, the colours blue and red, and the ball.”

Among the changes, the biggest ones are that the ball is bigger, the colours brighter, and the FCB acronym gone.

The club have been working for months on modernising brand strategy, creating a font and a more visual and unified style across all the club areas.

It has yet to be approved by the socios but is likely to be, and move into use from the 2019-2020 season.


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