Barça star Neymar close to achieving dual nationality

Neymar wants dual nationality. While Neymar and his team have negotiated a pre-agreement on his current contract with Barcelona until 2021, in Brazil, namely ESPN, they have announced that the 24-year-old is in the process of soliciting dual nationality. 

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According to the same information, the fact he is close to completing his third year in Spain make him eligible to make the request to be given Spanish nationality. If it goes through, it would hand Barcelona a spare space to sign another non-EU player. 

ESPN continue by saying that Wagner Ribeiro has confirmed the reports. 

The Brazilian joined Barça and 2013 and has won every possible title with the Catalan club already. On an individual level, he was also on the Ballon d’Or podium in January. 

However, it’s pointed out that the idea of obtaining dual nationality has nothing to do with the problems the Barça star currently has with the tax offices in Spain or in Brazil. He will be part of Luis Enrique’s side on Tuesday night in London against Arsenal.


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