Barça in negotiations for Di María

Barça have stepped up negotiations with the Argentinia

Di Maria's name has come into the frame in recent days

Angel Di Maria
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Plan B made its first appearance last week and now looks like it could become plan A. Barça have already decided to push ahead with the signing of Seri and are now moving for Ángel di Maria. The Argentinian is the alternative to Coutinho and negotiations are starting to look advanced. Barça want to cover their backs with the player who can beat a man and create in case Coutinho fails to arrive. Di Maria is waiting but every day brings him closer to the Camp Nou.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Barça have been looking at Di Maria since even before Neymar left. Coutinho remains the first choice but Barça have been unable to complete a deal for the Brazilian. The club have not given up but have opened up negotiations for Di Maria as a back-up plan.

Contact with the player has intensified in the last few days. Di Maria has confirmed he wants to sign for Barça and there will be no problem agreeing a four year deal. Dealing with PSG has been more difficult. There is a lot of tension between the two clubs and Barça thought they would not let Di Maria leave. The potential arrival of Mbappé at the French club has changed that.

The issue then would be the fee. Barça do not want to pay more than €50 million for the player and PSG need to offload some players after all their signings this summer. The alternative could end up happening.


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