Barça CEO Oscar Grau: If no players leave, none will come in this month

Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau was one of the participants of the 'Fórum Europa. Tribuna Catalunya' that took place this Wednesday at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona. 

Grau, with Josep Maria Bartomeu also present, spoke about the club's Strategic Plan until 2021. However, he also took questions on subjects which are more short-term, such as signings, contract renewals and the controversy with referees in recent days. 

On the possibility of Barça making a Januray signing, Grau was crystal clear. "The budget is what it is. If no-one leave, there will be no incomings," he said in reference to the club's priority of remaining stable econimically. 

Away from transfers, one thing which may worry fans is his comments about Lionel Messi's renewal. Grau wanted to be optimistic while also being realistic. 

"It's a matter that has to be analysed with a cool head and common sense. We want to have the best, but we have to prioritise," he said, recognising that Messi is one of the club's priorities.  

The CEO also spoke briefly about the refereeing decisions which have gone against Luis Enrique's side over the last week. He didn't offer too much, though. 

"You shouldn't protest about referees, in the end what you must prove is that you're the best. I share Luis Enrique's position," he said. 


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