Barça are beginning to worry about Luis Suárez's knee injury

The Uruguayan striker has undergone treatment involving stem cells but it still hasn't fully resolved his issues

 El uruguayo se salió en el Clásico por enésima vez con tres dianas | LALIGA

Luis Suárez has practically finished his biological treatment using stem cells to help resolve the issues with his right knee. He's likely to signed off to return to action in he next few hours so he'll be available for the clash against Espanyol. However Barça remain concerned by the state of his knee. The Uruguayan striker has been dealing with discomfort in his knee for some time now after playing a lot of matches season after season. The club hope he'll be able to maintain his level for the rest of this current campaign and he'll receive special treatment to ensure he doesn't suffer any major relapses.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

The worry about his knee is more in regards to the medium and long term. Suarez's persistent problems mean he will need more and more treatment in order to keep him at peak fitness. It appears clear that at some point the Uruguayan will need to take an extended break. The medical team believe that could be as soon as next summer if he finishes the season strongly.

The biggest obstacle to that happening is the fact Uruguay will be involved in the Copa America. This means Suarez would face another summer of competitive action and potentially cause more damage to his knee. Barça, naturally, want him to rest instead. Suarez has undergone all the treatment necessary and it's worked so far.

Barça expect Suarez to be back to his best against Espanyol. He's worked hard during this 15-day break and there appears to be nothing stopping the striker from being 100% against Espanyol. However it's clear he will need to be managed properly this season. He's a key member of the starting XI for Valverde and the coach needs him to be ready for the crucial end stage of the campaign. Once the season is over all the relevant parties will meet and discuss the best course of action so Suarez can prolong his career at Barcelona.


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