Ayestaran says Las Palmas won't man-mark Barça's Lionel Messi

The Las Palmas coach dismissed talk of Messidependence at Camp Nou

Ayestaran is taking charge of his first match after being appointed this week

Pako Ayestarán se estrenará en el Camp Nou
Pako Ayestarán se estrenará en el Camp Nou | EFE

New Las Palmas coach Pako Ayestaran will take charge of his first match this weekend since taking over at the club earlier this week -- and first up is Barcelona at Camp Nou.


The former Valencia manager insists he's not planning to man-mark Lionel Messi in the game, as Girona did last weekend. 

"Each coach has his own methods and will plan the best way possible to try and get results," Ayestaran said on Saturday. 

"In our case, we believe that collectively we're capable of closing down the space and that's what we will try. 

"I wouldn't talk of Messidependence. He's an important player that has taken the team on his back at times, but other players have improved their performances from last year to this one.

"You have to count on all your players and if you focus on closing Messi's space, other space opens up. 

"I think the only way to defend against them is with a lot of sacrifice and by sticking together, but even then it's difficult.

"But I am convinced we can do it, even if Barcelona have a lot of players who can make the difference." 



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