Atletico don't want to lower Griezmann's release clause for Barcelona

Atletico Madrid cannot sign until January and do not want to let him go

Barcelona know Atletico's posture and it all depends on the player

Sitúan a Griezmann en la órbita del Barça
Sitúan a Griezmann en la órbita del Barça |

It will not be easy for Barcelona to sign Antoine Griezmann. Atletico Madrid have made it clear they will not accept the player's release fee clause being reduced from 200 million euros because they cannot sign a player in January due to the FIFA ban on them for contracting youngsters. Barcelona are conscious the operation will be complex but believe a good offer could change the club's mind. The player meanwhile must do his part if Barcelona are to sign him this summer.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Atletico gave Griezmann a new deal a few weeks ago to stop the player leaving. The club slapped a 200m rleease fee clause on him just for this summer to stop him moving. From next summer it returns to being just 100m euros. The movement came after Manchester United tried to sign him. Madrid were also following the situation but in the end took a step back.

Barcelona have gone direct to Atletico. They understand the club's stance but believe that they would offer an offer over 100m euros. For the moment the doors are closed but the relationship between the clubs is good and a final deal cannot be ruled out. Griezmann has been in contact with Barcelona and if Neymar goes he knows he would be a key player.


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