Athletic boss Ernesto Valderde aims at LFP president Javier Tebas

Ernesto Valverde, Athletic Bilbao coach, complained ahead of the Copa del Rey clash with Barcelona. "We have a week with lots of games together. The timetables affect us, they seem to be done on purpose, they are not wanted," he said.

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"The club has done what it has to do with the schedules, but we are at the whim of television. Four games in nine days. At 12pm and 1pm with a cup knock out tie."

Javier Tebas, president of the LFP, is the person that makes the final decisions in La Liga, for things like the schedules, but not the Copa del Rey. 

Valverde also commented on Gerard Pique's complaints about referees. "Everyone is free to say what they think is convenient. Barcelona have won a lot of titles and nobody has thought it's because referees have helped them, but because they deserve them. Sometimes they favour you and other times they hurt you, it's just another aspect of the game. We all have this selective vision that makes us see penalties in the opposition area but not in our own."


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