Arturo Vidal: I don't know if a physical player scores 12 goals a year

The Chile midfielder spoke exclusively with SPORT

Arturo Vidal explica sus virtudes y cómo puede adaptarse al Barcelona | Maite Jiménez

Arturo Vidal says he's ready to play for a team like Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi, speaking to SPORT in an exclusive interview... 

Ivan San Antonio


What did you find when you arrived at Barça?

A squad made up of extraordinary players, but also really good people who give the sensation that they're a family as well as a team. 

Paulinho's exit forced the club to move for a replacement. What's Ernesto Valverde asked of you? 

What he wants is for me to help the team, to show who I am, to be focused on the team's movements... both in training and in games. 


Everywhere. I have to be switched on to see what can make the different against teams that sit back. 

Welcome to Barça! 

I'm ready to adapt and play in this team. 

You don't lack experience...

I can help [the club] win everything because I've been lucky to play in a lot of different styles and I've not struggled to adapt. I hope that's the case here. 

Some people say you're too physical for Barça, the same complaints they made about Paulinho.

You have to see how the season goes, but I don't know if a physical player scores 10 or 12 goals a year. Obviously my strong points are winning the ball back, tactics, helping the team, getting up and down a lot of times during a game...  


I am also capable of helping with goals when I get the chance. What I am clear on is that I'm going to keep doing what I have always done: fight, because nothing is easy, but you can do anything in this life with effort and sacrifice. 

Un momento de la entrevista a Arturo Vidal | Jordi Ramos


You suffered at the hands of Messi in the 2015 Champions League final. Now you're teammates. How can you help Messi? 

In many ways. My job is to help with what I can, to win the ball back, to give him the ball at key moments so he can score goals, help the team not concede...

Give Messi the ball and let him decide games...

In definitive, try to take advantage of Leo by giving him the ball because when he has it he's a wonder. That's why he's the best. You have to be alert and try to move well and give him the ball with the chance to score or create goals. 

Do you like being called "guerrero" [warrior]?

Yes, I like it, I like it. All the names they have given me wherever I have been are things that I have earned on the pitch and I like it. It's recognition. 


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