Arsenal right-back Bellerin's family have already returned to Barcelona

The player has bought a house in Catalonia and his family are living there

Hector is wanted by Barça and knows that it will be a long and delicate transfer

Bellerín juega ahoar con España
Bellerín juega ahoar con España | sport

Hector Bellerin is patiently waiting for Barcelona and Arsenal to being talks over his transfer. He's currently focused on the U21 European Championships, but he knows first hand that negotiations will be long, complicated and that, at the moment, it's likely there will be no major movement until July. 

Tomàs Andreu


But Barça are aware of Bellerin's desire and feel it could be their biggest weapon when trying to do a deal which Arsenal are no keen to do: the player wants to play at Camp Nou next season. 

The Arsenal right-back has already taken the first steps to return home. For several weeks his family have been back living in Catalonia. It's not a minor detail if we consider the tight links he has with his parents, who have accompanied through his development with Barça and then his move to London. Bellerin has acquired a residence and the family move has happened.

Absolute discretion from Bellerin who doesn't want his transfer to become the centre of Spain's U21 campaign. On Sunday, in quotes to Radio Marca, he was asked about his future and his probably signing for Barcelona. 

"I am completely focused on the U21s and I don't want to think beyond this tournament," he said. Bellerin doesn't want to fuel any type of controversy around an operation which will be long and delicate. 


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