Andres Iniesta reveals what will keep him at Barcelona

The midfielder spoke about his future on El Larguero

Iniesta habló en Carrusel sobre su situación en el Barça | SER

The countdown has begun for Andres Iniesta. Before April 30 he must communicate to the club whether he will stay for next season or leave in the summer.

"I haven't made a decision 100 percent," he told El Larguero. "I won't change my mind based on what one person or another says to me. The decision I make will be based on what I feel. If I stay, it's to be at 200 percent, like I always have been. If I don't, it's because I am not at the 200 percent the club deserve from me. It's the only doubt I have." 

Iniesta says he will feel "a lot of emotions" as he weighs up whether to continue at "the club of my life."

The midfielder added: "Some other very exciting doors are open. It won't be a question of love, but of feeling that I can [still] do something. If injuries respect me and everything goes as normal, I see myself in the Barça side for the next two years, but the decision goes beyond that." 

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As for where he would go, Iniesta confirmed that "I wouldn't go to a place where I would compete against Barça, it would not be right. But all scenarios where Barça don't compete are possible." 

Iniesta says everything has been talked about a lot and he's aware that his future "generates debate". 

It will be a personal decision, though. And coach Ernesto Valverde "has not asked me to stay, although he's shown faith in me from day one. I know he would be delighted if I stay next season. Either way, he will be the first to know."  


On his possible replacements at Barcelona, Iniesta spoke of Philippe Coutinho as a "quality players at a brutal level" while he indicated that he has "seen videos of Arthur and he looks very good. I am sure he would grow a lot at Barça." 

As for the possible signing of Antoine Griezmann, he added: "The great players always have a place at the great teams. I do not know if he will come or not, but I would sign him in the sense that he's a great forward. Let's see what happens." 


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