Abel Ruiz: If I've stayed it's because I want to make it at Camp Nou

He says he's always wanted to stay while Barcelona want him

He says he considered himself a complete forward, similar to Lewandowski

Abel Ruiz es una de las imágenes de Adidas en España
Abel Ruiz es una de las imágenes de Adidas en España | sport

Sport spoke with Abel Ruiz, a Barcelona forward playing at the U17 World Cup.

Josep Capdevila


You're only 17 and playing in the Segunda A...
I try to do the best possible and help the team so I can reach the top level. If I'm good or not, that's up those who see me to say.

You were playing for Valencia at Alevin level and Barcelona came for you. How do you remember that moment?
It was at the Brunete tournament at Benalmadena. I had a great tournament, Barcelona saw me, they spoke with my parents. That Barcelona come for you so young never stopped surprising me.

Were you a Cule as a kid?
I was a Valencia fan but I've been here a lot of years and a moment comes when you feel everything as if it were your team. Only when Barcelona face Valencia do I have a divided heart. 

You've always stood out physically. They said you scored more goals because you were taller...
Some people said that, it's true, but you can't do anything about being taller than norma. And it's evident that as the years go by, I don't have this advantage.

For those who don't know you, how would you describe yourself as a player?
I'm a player with good finishing, quite direct, I bear the ball well with my back to goal. I consider myself a complete forward. I'm focused on Lewandowski, for me he's the most complete forward there is.

If you had a magic want, what would you improve?
Sometimes I'd like to be more aggressive, in years past, in games that I thought were not that important. As well as that I'd like to get my heading play back, I used to be very good at that and now not so much.

Who is the best striker in the world?
I'm sure about this, it's Lewandowski.

Who is the best 9 in history?
They've told me many times that I'm like Van Basten (in style) and I've seen his vidoes and he was a very good player.

How is playing as a No 9 at Barca?
It's tricky, because a No 9 is used to playing in the box and Barcelona want you further away. It's complicated and even more when the rival locks themselves in their box.

Many talk about Barcelona's youth sides and criticise them... 
Whoever criticises them is mistaken. When the teams travel to play tournaments, they win nearly all of them. Everyone can think what they want but we know we have a great youth system. You don't have to defend it, it defends itself.

This summer various important clubs wanted you... 
I've always told Barcelona I wanted to stay here as long as they want me, and I'll stay like that until I think they don't have confidence in me.

Is it a dream to play at Camp Nou?
Clearly. If I've stayed here it's because I want to arrive at Camp Nou. It's a dream that we have since we're in the cantera and I hope it comes true.



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