A former FIFA legal advisor 'resolves' the Antoine Griezmann case

José Paéz says Barça shouldn't worry too much

The reason is the player's buyout clause

Griezmann, el culebrón del momento en el fútbol español
Griezmann, el culebrón del momento en el fútbol español | AFP

Barcelona can be relaxed about the Antoine Griezmann case. That's what can be read into comments made by Jose Paez, a former legal advisor for FIFA. 


Paez categorised Atletico's complaint as a face-saving measure as, with buyout clauses, players can always be seen to be in the last six months of their contract, so there will be no punishment from football's world governing body.

"There has never been a sanction for anyone for this. Barça could pay the buyout clause, given there is one, so he always could be with six months of his contract expiring. There have been no irregularities," assured Paez on Cadena Cope. 

Atletico's complaint comes after Barça's director of institutional relations Guillermo Amor said that there was possibly a meeting with Griezmann's family. 

"Amor's comments wouldn't serve as proof to take a complaint to FIFA, but it would be an indicator," Paez added. 

In the case that Griezmann ends up signing for Barça, Atletico could have more of a case, with Roma, Nantes and Chelsea all punished in the past for illegal approaches -- although the latter had their punishment overturned upon appeal. 



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