Barça and Real Madrid the only Spanish sides who support Super League idea

They were the only two clubs from Spain that didn't sign the protest note lodged towards UEFA about their proposed changes

Tebas asegura que la Superliga europea sería un fracaso a medio plazo | EFE

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were the only two Spanish sides out of nine who didn't vote against the proposed changes by UEFA to introduce a European Super League.

Ramón Fuentes

Athletic Club, Atlético Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Valencia and Villarreal all added their names to a letter sent to UEFA in protest of the format changes where they echoed the concerns expressed by Premier League earlier on. The English clubs statement said this:

“The Premier League and our clubs today unanimously reaffirmed our strong opposition to the proposed reform of UEFA club competitions from 2024, which would alter the structure, calendar and competitiveness of league football.".

“We believe the proposals – particularly the suggested format and qualification criteria – would be detrimental to domestic leagues across the continent.

“There was unanimous agreement that the domestic game should continue to be the priority for professional clubs, and any changes to the football calendar must respect the requirements of domestic competitions.

“Critically, qualification for the Champions League and the Europa League must continue to depend on current domestic performance.”

The Spanish club's statement added: "We are very worried about the way these drastic changes have been brought about. It lacks transparency and has been negotiated by a select few clubs and which makes the rest of us not feel represented by the ECA. The proof of that is this new model hasn't been shown to us at any time."

The names of Barça and Real Madrid were missing from the protest statement.


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