All you need to know about Barcelona's party at the Santiago Bernabeu

Gerard Pique started it by getting his team-mates to go over to the fans, who sung banterous chants

Las imágenes de la celebración del Barça en los vestuarios del Bernabéu | @fcbarcelona_cat

The Clasico had a wonderful finish. Barcelona players and fans united for a few minutes for a party at the Santiago Bernabeu, with the players going over to their corner of the stadium and celebrating on the pitch while the supporters chanted.

Jordi Gil


Of course Gerard Pique was the master of ceremonies. He shouted to his team-mates to join the fans in the corner, not just thanking for their support but chanting with them.

Along with Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba was another to show he delight, and it was rare to see Leo Messi so happy and expressive too. The satisfaction of winning and returning Ramos’s physical blows with football helped too.

The title is not won yet and they could not go mad, but they sent a message out with their celebration, all while keeping things in moderation - with the likes of Alena and Murillo coming out to warm down rather than join in.

Fans chanted banterous things like “Vinicius, Balon d’Or” and “Solari, stay”. The chant of “champions, champions” was the one which stuck around the most. Barca fans turned the Bernabeu into Canaletes for one day.

Los jugadores del Barça celebraron a lo grande su victoria en el Bernabéu | JAVI FERRÁNDIZ


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