28 march 2017, Updated 23:35h

Arsenal man disagrees

Cazorla rejects Alonso claims

Midfielder also played down talk of rift in camp

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Santi Cazorla spoke out | Foto: AFP

Sport EN | 20.6.2014 | 22:06h.

Santi Cazorla disagrees with Xabi Alonso's comments that Spain lacked desire. 

La Roja have been knocked out of the World Cup after just two games, defeats to Holland and Chile. 

The Arsenal midfielder said: "I don't think there was a lack of hunger or ambition, not at all.

"Chile and Holland overcame us, and that can happen in football."

Cazorla also denied there was a rift in the squad between Alonso and the other players. 

"No, this is a great group and we have proved that by winning so much," he said. "We haven't doubted Xabi Alonso or any other player."