28 march 2017, Updated 23:25h


Jose Mourinho says NO to second Real Madrid spell

The sacked Chelsea manager does not want to leave his family or England

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Tomas Andreu | 31.12.2015 | 11:24h.

Jose Mourinho has no intention of starting a second era as Real Madrid coach. He told Florentino Perez this in the last couple of days. The Portuguese coach has ruled himself off the list of Rafa Benitez's replacements for family motives. 

It's no secret that Benitez is struggling and one more bad result could end his tenure as coach. Mourinho was on the list of candidates to replace him but he does not want to do it. Not Real Madrid, nor even PSG, nor any other proposal could seduce him at this time. He does not want to separate from his family and will wait patiently for one of the big English clubs - especially Manchester United - to offer him a deal.