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His first press conference

Returning star Gerard Deulofeu in 10 phrases

Deulofeu spent last season on loan at Everton but now he's back where he belongs

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Gerard Deulofeu | Foto: Josep Maria Arolas

Toni Juanmartí | 17.7.2014 | 19:23h.

Gerard Deulofeu has taken his first press conference as a Barcelona player and is the first of the squad to do so this season. The Riudarenes forward let his personality shine through and made it clear he will work hard to gain opportunities under Luis Enrique. These are the 10 stand-out quotes from the event...


On his Barça return: Zubizarreta called me when I finished the season with Everton and told me to return. 

Learning in the Premier League: When I arrived they told me the matches there were end-to-end. I have improved physically and defensively.

Confidence: I'm very confident in myself and I'm a winner. If the coach decides to give me a chance, I will take advantage of it. 

Luis Enrique: He's a brave coach with character. 

Luis Suarez: I was fortunate to play against him this year and he is a great striker. The thing I like about him is his hunger and tenacity.

Neymar: His ability in one-on-one situations is incredible. I want his skill and dribble. 

Messi: He is the best footballer in the world. I want everything from him. 

On his own personality: I don't give time to people who talk about me without knowing me. I am a player with character, everyone around me knows it. 

His squad position: I'm coming from behind, you have to be realistic. We know that Barca are the best. I have to work hard but I hope to earn my position. 

To be able to play at Barca: Until you go outside, you don't know what you have. I learnt a lot and I come back with much will to win.