28 march 2017, Updated 23:25h

Tax issues

Javier Mascherano hit with huge fine and a 'year in prison'

Mascherano's lawyer is working to get the prison sentence changed to a fine

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Sport EN | 21.1.2016 | 14:50h.

Javier Mascherano has been fined €815,000 euros and been given a year in prison after two tax offences. In previous court sessions Mascherano had confessed to both, paying back the 1.5m euros and also a further 200,000 as a fine. The offences correspond to the fiscal years 2011 and 2012. 

Mascherano's lawyer, David Aineto, has requested the automatic suspension of the one-year prison sentence and wants it to be replaced by a fine of around 21,000 euros. The prosecution has been favourable to the acceptance of this measure and the judge is likely to issue a new verdict in the coming days.