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Second spell as boss

Brazil coach Dunga not happy Neymar dyed his hair

Dunga has criticised Neymar for dying his hair when he was supposed to be thinking about the World Cup

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Alves and Neymar at the World Cup | Foto: AFP

Sam Marsden | 28.7.2014 | 19:14h.

New Brazil boss Dunga has criticised Neymar and Dani Alves for dying their hair during the World Cup.

"I would not have permitted them to dye their hair while with the national team at the World Cup," he said in interviews with 'Globo' and 'Veja'.

"Do it before, or do it after, but not when you should be thinking about the World Cup."

Dunga also said that Neymar shouldn't have been wearing the caps he chose to wear at some of the press conferences while the tournament was on.

"Either you where a Brazil hat, or you don't wear a hat at all," he added.

Not stopping there, the former Brazil international also had words about the T-shirts worn in support of Neymar before the semi-final against Germany.

"The message transmitted was: we have lost a soldier," he continued.

"But if you go to war you cannot be crying about the loss of one solider - you must give strength to the solider who takes his place."

Finally, and still in reference to Neymar, Dunga once again proved he is not going to pamper to the Barcelona forward.

"We will not play according to him," the 50-year old explained.

"He will play according to the national team."

However, he did add that Brazil will create "a structure in order for Neymar to make the difference."