The Spanish national team

This is a third-world esque FIFA international break


Lluís Mascaró


Beyond the feelings that national team football can generate (or not), the internatioanl break for two weeks is absurd. It is third-world esque that, at a crucial moment in leagues around Europe, and the Champions League, that competitions have to stop for 15 days.

With so much in play, both in a sporting and economic sense, it's unacceptable that the interests of the mafia-like football federations come before those of the clubs, with international friendlies that nobody cares about. It is bad for the clubs, who pay the price, along with the players, who end up playing unneccessary minutes. 

One day soon the clubs will say "enough!" to FIFA, and their international schedules. Once and for all we have to do away with these things that damage football. No more absurd friendlies and extremely large qualification phases for Euros and World Cups. 

Barcelona play in April with La Liga and the Champions League at stake. It is unbelievable that during these weeks the 15 players going away with their national teams have to think about that rather than what is really important - the fight for the treble.


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