Gerard Deulofeu

Gerard Deulofeu, a cule once more?


Ivan San Antonio


Luis Enrique said goodbye and Robert Fernandez became a new man. Like when the boss leaves the office and the employees start to play Candy Crush. That’s what you have to interpret from his Que t’hi jugues interview in which he gave more headlines than in all his media appearances previously.

He massaged Unzue so much so that he is either the next Barcelona coach or it’s the perfect distraction to close the deal elsewhere. He also spoke about the Barcelona B players who would be promoted and the renovations of Messi and Iniesta.

Robert also opened the door to Gerard Deulofeu, a player Luis Enrique watched for four training sessions and thought he had seen everything. And that is surely the best news from Robert.

Deulofeu strayed many times during his time in Barcelona’s youth football, with the coaches of the cantera helping to mould him a character that would let him arrive at the elite level, so much so it doesn’t make sense that one person, unilaterally, could give him a kick in the ass when he made it to Camp Nou.

Deulofeu would cost 12 million, something that Robert confirmed. A price easily payable for offensive talent. Robert, like any fan or socio, felt the needs to allow Gerard to show he can shine at the Camp Nou.


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