23 february 2017, Updated 05:45h


Perez wants Bale, not Ronaldo, on Madrid's free kicks

Los Blancos' president wants the Welshman to take charge of dead ball situations

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| 8.2.2016 | 16:58h.

It is evident that Cristiano Ronaldo's performances are way below the standards he has set for himself. Not just because he's not shown up in the big games, where he has disappeared, but also because of his lack of effectiveness from free kicks, something he excelled at when he arrived at Real Madrid. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored just three of his last 100 free kicks. It's data which makes for tough reading for the Portuguese star, who has even stopped the 'show' which used to come before he took free kicks. 

Such is Madrid's disappointment with Ronaldo's free kicks, not even president Florentino Perez has been capable of repressing his feelings on the matter. According to Diario AS, Perez admitted a few days ago that Gareth Bale is much better than Ronaldo from dead ball situations. 

In an event attended by Perez in his role as president of ACS, an assistant attending the event asked about Ronaldo's future, rejecting the idea of selling him: "You cannot sell Cristiano, he's Madrid's best player!"

Perez's response was as blunt as it was surprising: "Yes, but Bale takes the free kicks, not Cristiano..." 

For a few months now the relationship between Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo has been progressively deteriorating. So much so that the president wants Neymar or Lewnadowski, or both, to take the Portuguese international's place.