23 february 2017, Updated 05:45h


Cristiano Ronaldo banned from Morocco trips

The president's decision means he has to stop seeing his friend Badr Hari

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Sport EN | 22.1.2016 | 15:56h.

Cristiano Ronaldo's credit has run out with Florentino Perez. The poor performance of the Portuguese star has caused the Los Blancos president to end his escapes to Morocco.

According to El Espanol, the Madeira-born forward has to stop seeing his friend Badr Hari, who he visits in Marrakech every afternoon Monday to Thursday. Some outlets have speculated that Hari could be Ronaldo's partner.

Perez met with Ronaldo to ask him to stop these trips. But why? Because of his awful performances. Moreover, to control the escapes of CR7, Perez is counting on his good relationship with Mohamed VI, the king of Morocco. He's asked the king to inform him of all the times Ronaldo comes to the country. 

Cristiano will have no other option but to change his routine. Until now, he has been leaving from the Torrejon de Ardoz air base right after the morning training session. There he catches his private jet around 3pm and returns home at night, according to Informalia.