28 march 2017, Updated 23:25h


Cristiano Ronaldo apologises on WhatsApp to Madrid team-mates after outburst

The Madrid star tried to say he didn't mean he was better than them, using the popular messaging service

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Francesc J Gimeno | 29.2.2016 | 12:27h.

A few hours after his incendiary comments at the Santiago Bernabeu following Real Madrid's 1-0 derby defeat by Atletico Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo felt obliged to apologise via WhatsApp to some of the team-mates he upset.

According to El Mundo, the Portuguese crack sent messages to many of the players to reduce the damage and clear up what he had said - similar to how he spoke again after the incident to the media too. 

On Monday Cristiano was planning to meet with the rest of the squad before training to give his explanation and convince his team-mates the phrase "if we were all at my level, we would be first" was not doing them down. That will be hard.