23 february 2017, Updated 05:45h

Blame game

Real Madrid suspect Bayern Munich are behind transfer ban

The club are looking to force the blame elsewhere and are blaming the German side

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Francesc J. Gimeno | 19.1.2016 | 13:28h.

Real Madrid suspect that Bayern Munich are behind the club’s transfer ban. Madrid have began to filter out information to journalists close to the club, claiming that the ‘black hand’ working against them has a name and a surname in a bid to take the responsibility for the errors committed away from themselves. 

FIFA opened an investigation into Real and Atletico Madrid’s signing of minors, after investigating and punishing Barcelona previously for the same offences. All three investigations came about after anonymous tip offs. Real Madrid’s directors are convinced that Bayern Munich are behind it all. 

Madrid can’t sign players, after the current window closes, until the summer of 2017 because of the FIFA ban. Coincidentally, among the players whose signings were investigated were two of Zinedine Zidane’s four sons. 

The French coach has already complained in a press conference about the “absurd” ban and stated stated he didn’t understand how his sons could be involved given he’s “spent all my life in Madrid with my family, with my sons.”

Los Blancos will fight the ban; they have already announced they will appeal as far as they can. They will soon have to present their appeal in front of FIFA’s Disciplinary Commission.