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St. George's Park begins

What does Enrique need scaffolding for?

Barcelona have had a metal tower installed pitchside in England at the request of Luis Enrique

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Tower seen in the background | Foto: Esport 3

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Tower seen in the background
Training gets underway
Rondos in England
Players arrive in England
Sport EN | 28.7.2014 | 21:01h.

Barcelona's 25 players - it was 26, but Alex Song has left for family reasons - took part in their first training session at St. George's Park on Monday.

The backdrop to the training session might have been a familar one for Celta Vigo, although it wasn't as familiar for Barça: a metal, tower-like structure.

Last season that special tour was known affectionately by the Galician club as a "technical observation station".

And Luis Enrique asked for it to be put in place at the English Football Association's headquarters while Barça are training there this week.

The Asturian coach likes to be able to see his players in action from a higher position than pitch side.

At the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper that isn't a problem, as there is a stand for Enrique to utilise to watch his players train.

However, Enrique didn't use the station on Monday, but he did have people up their filming the Barcelona players first Rondos on English soil.