Sacchi's swipe: For some time, Barcelona have not been the old Barcelona

Italian coach Arrigo Sacchi has stuck the knife into Barcelona after they were beaten by Paris Saint-Germain in midweek.

Sacchi, who know works as a commentator, says that Luis Enrique's side have lost their style and no longer work like they once did. 

"For some time, Barcelona have not been the old Barcelona," he said.

"Even in La Liga they beat the weak clubs with ease, but struggle with stronger sides. You no longer see that aggressive, organised and hungry team we so admired.

"The Catalans dominated for 10 years, imposing a style of play that was at times truly marvellous. They gave a football lesson to the whole world.

"Now they’ve hit a brick wall and even Leo Messi can’t skip past his rivals anymore because the whole machinery of the team is broken down.

"I always say that to succeed you require, in order of importance, a club, good football and the players. Without an idea of what football to play, the individuals will get you nowhere. To come back from 4-0 you need a miracle." 


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