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River Plate goalkeeper reveals Lionel Messi's kind gesture

Lionel Messi did two things which Marcelo Barovero highlighted as being particularly nice moves

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Sport EN | 8.3.2016 | 16:18h.

In an interview with El Grafico, River Plate goalkeeper Marcelo Barovero, saw Lionel Messi make two nice gestures. The Argentine star took on River during the Club World Cup final in Yokohama at the end of 2015. 

Barovero highlighted two moments. In the 12th minute he made a good save from the Barcelona forward's shot. "He came close to me and helped me up and stroked my head. And I told him I had just completed the dream of my son, to stop a shot from Messi."

But the true gesture of kindness came after the game. Barovero asked Messi for his shirt but the player had already said he would give it to another player. The River goalkeeper then asked if he could get Claudio Bravo's shirt. "Messi left the dresing room with Bravo's shirt and his boots. And he told me, 'the boots are for your son'. I froze. It was a very big gesture."