28 march 2017, Updated 23:35h

Oscar Grau tells Gerard Pique not to talk about referees anymore

The Barcelona CEO feels it would be better if the club's players didn't speak out against officials

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Sport.es | 11.1.2017 | 12:55h.

FC Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau has spoken about Gerard Pique's comments about referees not giving the club decisions during their first two games of the New Year.

Speaking at the 'Fòrum Europa - Tribuna Catalunya' he suggested that while he understands Pique's frustrations, it may be best if the Catalan defender doesn't criticise officials anymore.

"There may occasionally be situations which we don't like, but I position myself with Luis Enrique, although I understand Gerard Pique's reaction," he said.

"We've spoken with the captains and with Pique and we've explained the club's wishes, which is to not speak about referees. If we're looking for the best for Barça, we have to continue without talking about referees.

"From my experience, you don't need to protest to referees. There are situations we don't like, but at the end of the day, on the pitch the best team wins. We have to redirect the situation and it will all end if we beat Athletic tonight."