23 february 2017, Updated 05:45h


Neymar Sr: My son has NO interest in Real Madrid

The Barcelona star's father was outraged at the idea his boy would want to leave

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Tomas Andreu | 22.1.2016 | 19:21h.

Neymar’s dad is clear: Barcelona’s Brazilian star does not even have the slightest intention of ever wearing a Real Madrid shirt. The 23-year-old’s father, in quotes to Cuatro, insisted that “Neymar has three more years on his contract and he wants to complete it.” 

Asked about the information which has appeared this week regarding a possible offer from Madrid, he answered with veracity: “Real Madrid?! We have no interest. What media has said that? Marca? Where is it [the story]?”

Neymar’s renewal remains on track and no news is expected until the end of the season. Neymar Sr. continued: “The only thing I ask if for a little peace and to stop talking. My son’s intention is to continue [at Barça]… and that’s that.” 

Despite the dismissal, it’s clear that Florentino Perez, Madrid’s president, is prepared to pay the clause and all he believes he needs to do is to get rid of one member of the BBC to make room for the Barcelona star.